CNAMer: Spring 2019 Issue


Quarterly reporting from the Canadian Network of Asset Managers

This will be my final Chair’s message to members as we welcome in our new CNAM Chair, Valerie Williams, at our annual conference in May. I am very proud of CNAM’s accomplishments this past year – most of which were listed in the December newsletter, however there is one major project which has been in the works and is about to launch which I am especially proud of and want to share with you.
The Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), managed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and funded by Infrastructure Canada, has opened significant opportunities for the development of tools, processes and knowledge products to advance Asset Management in Canada. Additional FCM Resources and Tools.
During the week of March 4-8, CNAM representatives were in Ottawa to report on, and hear about, the great work that has been completed by all the various organizations who received MAMP funding. The meeting time also gave us the opportunity to continue to collaborate with the ten other Provincial and Territorial Communities of Practice (CoP’s) across Canada. The funding from MAMP Round 1 allowed CNAM to develop our AM 101 Booklet as well as deliver several workshops and webinars, all of which have been valuable tools for those new to Asset Management. (Available here

In Spring 2018, FCM released its MAMP Round 2 Program.  The question we asked ourselves is ‘What program would address a need for our members and for Asset Management across Canada that has not been put forward yet?’  In reflecting on our membership, which has a diverse group of disciplines, we realized that what seemed to be missing were tools developed with experts from all those various disciplines, helping to relate Asset Management to their specific role in the process.

We received funding under Round 2 and are now pleased to be working with a group of national partners from various disciplines needed in Asset Management – engineering, operations, finance, planning, policy, executive administration, climate change and natural resources. We’ve engaged standards development and training experts to create an Asset Management Competency Framework that supports an organization’s staff training and hiring needs. The competency framework will provide alignment across the industry on the scope of the discipline, highlight the connections with the various professions in the organization, and identify skills, behaviours and knowledge that communities should have in place to support delivery of their Asset Management programs.

This Competency Framework is a very exciting new program for CNAM and our partners. There will be a kick off workshop held on Sunday, May 5th in Kelowna, BC just ahead of our Annual Conference.  The workshop will be structured to bring together the first cohort for the program that will help shape and develop the Asset Management Skills Competency Framework.  Workshop registration is now open, so if you are struggling to define roles and/or gain support to bring other departments on board at your municipality, this workshop is for you.

In addition to this new program, the CNAM team has been very busy preparing for the 13th annual CNAM Annual Conference in Kelowna, BC – May 6-9th. We have an amazing selection of 90+ presenters, keynotes and interactive workshops to take part in and, as always, it’s a great week to network with professionals from across the country – perhaps over a glass of wine on the winery tour!

There are also several exciting panel discussions taking place with over the coming months via webinar -full details available on the CNAM events calendar

See you all in Kelowna!