CNAMer: Summer 2021 Issue


Quarterly Newsletter from the Canadian Network of Asset Managers



A Message from the Chair

I am pleased to be reaching out to you for the first time as Chair of the CNAM Board, at a critical time in our public infrastructure asset management journey.
These past couple years, and this summer in particular, have highlighted the need for infrastructure owners to be agile and adaptable in addressing new challenges. Extreme weather, including heat, fires, and storms, are indicative of the “new reality” that we are facing, and the urgency for real action to address climate change impacts and protect and preserve our natural environment and assets. We have faced increasing pressures on our ability to deliver ongoing services from both operational and long-term perspectives, and ensure that public investment in assets is feasible and sustainable into the future. As a colleague said to me the other day, it is important to recognize that our current situation may not be entirely our doing as individuals, but it is our collective problem to solve (and the time is now).
Our Executive Director Doug has spoken previously about the resilience and dedication of the CNAM Board, contractors and volunteers through the pandemic, and this extends to our members as well. Many of you are working hard to build meaningful and achievable plans to manage your assets, despite significant uncertainty. Many owners are breaking new ground to embed public social goals such as equity, reconciliation, and overall sustainability into asset management planning. You are also moving to adopt and advance improved technology and data management practices to become more agile and proactive.
As we move forward into the last quarter of 2021, I want to recognize the hard work of the CNAM Board, Committees and contractors in advancing work that will support you in meeting the ongoing and emerging challenges you face as asset managers. We’ve had the opportunity to welcome new Board members, bringing fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the work we do. The Board has experienced its most active summer yet, skipping our typical hiatus to respond to new opportunities and develop programming for the year ahead.
Where to from here?
As we move into the fall, our work will continue to focus on a few key areas:
  • Internal strength: We are building a more robust, transparent CNAM organization through changes to bylaws, policies, election of Board members, procurement, internal business processes, a new website and member management system, and improved marketing, communications and social media engagement.
  • Partner engagement: We have a renewed commitment to focus on relationship-building and engage meaningfully with our partners on the needs of specific regions, services/assets and professionals undertaking asset management.
  • Addressing the gap: We are focusing our programming and resources on underserved Canadian communities and public infrastructure owners, while building and maintaining a collaborate community and opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking that welcome all levels of maturity in asset management.
  • Moving beyond AM101: We are looking forward with the intent to build more advanced and applied content that will support those looking for more guidance, once they have gotten started in building their asset management program.
  • A 5-year vision for public infrastructure asset management: This year, we will refresh our vision for CNAM and its contribution to our mandate of improving public infrastructure asset management across Canada. This will include opportunities for our partners and members to provide input on our five-year focus areas.
If you have any questions about where CNAM is headed, or how you can be a part of it, please reach out.
Enjoy the rest of your summer! I look forward to seeing you at today’s networking session, or one of our fall courses and events.
Katie Geoghegan
CNAM Chair