CNAMer: Spring 2021 Issue


Quarterly Newsletter from the Canadian Network of Asset Managers



Executive Director’s Message

As the summer months are fast approaching, it is my pleasure to provide you with a recap of CNAM’s activities and initiatives since my last Newsletter Message, and a snapshot of upcoming events.

Clearly, it would be an understatement to reflect on the past year as being difficult and requiring ongoing adjustments to our personal and business lives. On the bright side, the resilience, patience, and constructive responses through the global pandemic by Asset Management practitioners, and the CNAM members and Board has indeed been impressive. As the deployment of vaccines continues in the months ahead, we are optimistic that a return to an environment of normality is not far away.
CNAM’s premier event, its 2021 Virtual Conference, just passed. Following the experience of delivering CNAM’s first-ever Virtual Conference in 2020, the 2021 Conference Planning Committee had created an extraordinary and exciting Schedule of Events at this year’s Conference. The Conference included Keynote Speaker, Brian Burke, over 30 Asset Management capacity building Breakout Sessions, and a one-hour Virtual Networking Session at the end of each day. We also experienced the return of CNAM’s Tereo Awards Event after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID restrictions in 2020. CNAM’s New Professionals Network Committee, once again, hosted the Student Research Symposium and the highly anticipated Student Poster Competition. Thank you to all who made the 2021 Virtual Conference a memorable event – and thank you also to those who attended.


CNAM would like to thank FCM and the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing for their participation and financial support with funding of the Conference Registration Fee Subsidy Program that allowed a significant number of attendees from across Canada to participate in the 2021 Conference – who otherwise would not have been able to attend due to COVID and municipal restrictions.


Under the guidance and leadership of CNAM’s Membership Committee, CNAM’s membership continues to grow, reaching a current total of approximately 600 members. The Membership Committee has recently developed a new initiative to attract and engage the next generation of asset managers, which will be announced soon. Also, in 2021, the Membership Committee has introduced several Networking Sessions that have been well-received and attended.


Since September 2020, CNAM’s Education, Research and Technology Committee has hosted 6 Webinars to advance participant’s Asset Management Toolbox, and several additional Webinars are planned through the balance of 2021 – all with great content, speakers, and panelists.


CNAM is continuing with its focus of developing collaborative partnerships with its Asset Management industry partners. Of note, solid initial progress has been achieved with the First Nations with their participation in this year’s Virtual Conference, and participation in upcoming CNAM Webinars. Additionally, an updated Partnership Agreement was recently executed with IPWEA to document the continued reciprocal support for each organization’s programs and activities.


CNAM is continuing with its design, development and delivery of Activities and Knowledge Products under the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), that is administered by FCM and funded by Infrastructure Canada. The Association is currently in Phase 3 of the MAMP 3 Program which concludes at the end of 2021. Under this Program, CNAM is continuing to refine the Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF), and make it easily accessible to Canadian municipalities, and expand its reach and availability to the entire Asset Management public sector in Canada. This outreach will be accomplished through a web-based tool that will deliver the AMCF in an easily understood and accessible online format. We are also in the final stages of documenting the responses to the National Asset Management Capacity Needs Survey which we expect will be made available to members in June 2021.


Over the past year, CNAM has continued to expand its efforts in the International Asset Management arena. Following completion of a successful project with Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) in 2020, an extended Phase 2 Program is now underway with MIC to design and deliver a Training and Certification Program to Asset Management practitioners in the State of Michigan. In addition, and in conjunction with FCM and the Canadian Global Affairs Department, a Program has commenced with Asset Management South Africa to develop a deliver an Asset Management Toolbox and provide access to Asset Management resources to the AM practitioners in South Africa.


CNAM continues to offer its Money for Municipalities Program through its partnership with Fundingportal Inc. This Program is designed to provide financial assistance to municipalities by securing government grants and incentives for municipal capital projects and services. Please refer to this page for further information on the Money for Municipalities Program.


CNAM is also completing a significant enhancement and overhaul of the Association’s Website, with a new platform planned to be operational in June 2021.


During 2020, the pandemic created some financial tensions and issues for CNAM, but I am happy to report that all these issues have been fully mitigated and resolved. Today, CNAM enjoys the strongest financial position in its 14-year history, and the Association is well-positioned to execute its Strategic Plan and Mission and focus on continuing to provide value to its members.


Have a wonderful Summer, and remain safe.


Until next time…


Doug Cutts
Executive Director