CNAMer: Spring 2020 Issue


Quarterly Newsletter from the Canadian Network of Asset Managers

It’s hard to believe that my year as CNAM Chair is coming to a close already.  I truly believe time accelerates as we get older and the speed at which the year has passed underscores this belief. We are in a very different world than three months ago when I provided my last message.  With the changes resulting from COVID-19, we are all seeking new routines and a new sense of normal.  Some of our members are beginning to slowly transition back to work while others continue to follow the public health restrictions in place for their province or territory.  Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, one thing is true – the work we do in asset management will be critical to the economic recovery in the months to come.

This will be my last message as CNAM’s Chair, but it offers an opportunity to welcome our incoming Chair, Matt Dawe.  Matt and I would normally transition at CNAM’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at our Annual Conference.  However, with the need to cancel the in-person conference, we will be doing a virtual handover of duties.  CNAM is hosting its first ever Virtual Conference May 12 to 14, 2020, including our virtual AGM.  We have a wonderful program in place with a full range of presentations, workshops, student symposium, and keynote speakers.  Check out the program or go to CNAM’s website for event registration.

As I reflect on my year as Chair, I am grateful for CNAM’s incredible Board members and CNAM’s Executive Director, Douglas Cutts. CNAM’s success is founded on the dedication and hard work of its Board, Executive Director, and our contracting partners.   We made a big change October 1, 2019 with our new association service provider – Redstone. We had a successful strategic planning session (SPS) later in October that allowed the Board and Redstone team members to get acquainted in person.  Our Annual Conference would normally be another opportunity to reaffirm those acquaintances. Our other contracting partner – icInfrastructure – has worked with CNAM and other industry partners to develop the Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF) that was released publicly in February.

We are excited to continue several CNAM programs including some that benefit from Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and Infrastructure Canada funding under the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP). Stay tuned to CNAM’s website for new offerings over the next several months related to CNAM’s signature webinar series brought to you by our Education, Research, and Technology Committee, and CNAM’s MAMP sponsored events.

I wish to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of the team of volunteers that were initially working to bring CNAM’s Conference to St. John’s, NL in May and the group that continued on to help us create a whole new experience for us – CNAM’s 2020 Virtual Conference.  So much time and effort has been given to this cause and it is this drive to constantly provide something unique, meaningful and valuable to CNAM’s members that makes me so proud to be part of this association.  Thank you to all the conference team members for their contributions.

Lastly, as I transition out of my Chair role and into the role of Past Chair, I look forward to continuing to be part of the magnificent CNAM team in a different way.  I will continue to support the future initiatives in this new capacity and lend a hand when and where needed. CNAM is truly a remarkable association and my pride in being part of this wonderful team is centred on the fact that we get things done – even when it is not easy, even when obstacles are put in front of us.  To everyone – stay healthy, stay safe, continue to follow public health directives, but mostly keep doing and contributing to your AM communities and programs.  “See” you at CNAM’s Virtual Conference May 12 to 14!


Valerie Williams
CNAM Chair