2018 Tereo Awards

Tereo Asset Management  Award:

Recognizing excellence in developing and implementing asset management approaches and significant improvements in business performance through the use of asset management tools and techniques or approaches.

1st : City of Calgary- Alberta

In 2016 and 2017, the City of Calgary completed the implementation of its enterprise-wide asset

management program.  This program has been responsible for the identification of cost deferrals in the order of magnitude of tens of millions of dollars, the identification of infrastructure risk, the foundation for Calgary’s 100 Resilient Cities program and the improvement of front-line customer service levels.  This program is the foundation for infrastructure investment plans and strategies as part of Calgary’s 2019-22 business planning and budgeting program: “One Calgary”.

2nd: Region of Halton- Ontario

Within one year, Halton Region’s Public Works Department has developed a transparent and coordinated Asset Management Program. In 2017, the core asset management processes were used to develop the entire $1.9B 2018-2027 state of good repair capital budget to maintain services to customers.      “This Asset Management Program has provided staff with a transparent approach to developing our state of good repair capital budget with a line of sight to customer outcomes” said Commissioner of Public Works Jim Harnum. “Halton’s forecasted water/wastewater rate of 5.2% from 2017 has been reduced to 3.8%, largely driven by adjustments to the capital financing based on the Asset Management Program.”

3rd : City of Regina-Saskatchewan

In 2013, a State of the Infrastructure report demonstrated that, due to limited investment only directed to the worst roads, the City of Regina’s residential roads had deteriorated significantly such that 55% of the roads were beyond their useful life. There was an urgent need to increase the investment for residential roads to slow and reverse the negative condition trend.  Through modelling, a preventative maintenance strategy focused primarily on maintaining and improving roads in ‘fair’ and ‘good’ condition while still investing in ‘poor’ condition was recommended. To achieve the 25 year goal of 85% of the residential roads in ‘fair’ condition or better, a 1% dedicated mill-rate from 2015 to 2019 was approved to fund the program.  Since 2015, the Residential Road Renewal Program has treated 10% of the residential network, is moving in the right direction to achieve the long-term goal and has demonstrated the effectiveness of a preventative maintenance strategy for a road network.  Regarding the preventative maintenance strategy, Norman Kyle, Director of Roadways and Transportation says “the program isn’t just a case of fixing the worst roads first; it’s a matter of systematically looking at our roads, trying to preserve what we have while improving the rest.”



Asset Management Ambassador Award:

Honours efforts that reflect a commitment above and beyond the accepted expectation of the asset management industry in Canada. It recognizes actions that have become a valuable asset to the asset management industry and acknowledges those whose actions have become models for peer recognition.

City of Burlington- Ontario

The City of Burlington’s Asset Management Plan was developed internally and outlines a 60-year needs analysis for all asset types, such as roads, bridges, parks, facilities and vehicles. Burlington is one of Canada’s best and most livable cities, a place where people, nature and business thrive.

“The internally developed Asset Management Plan goes beyond addressing our core infrastructure assets. It exceeds current provincial guidelines set out in the Building Together Guide and is integrated into our organization’s Capital Budget process. By doing so, the plan guides investments in our existing infrastructure and prepares the city for future infrastructure growth and service delivery needs.” Allan Magi, Executive Director of Capital Works

“The city is focused on making informed decisions to support city services that are sustainable and affordable to the public. The Asset Management Plan and Long-Term Financing Plan ensures the city is investing in our existing infrastructure to continue to deliver the high-quality services that residents expect and enhance the quality of life in the city.” Joan Ford, Director of Finance.

Asset Management Pioneer Award:

Honours individuals who have played an integral role in advancing the asset management industry in Canada and celebrates their long-term commitment and unwavering dedication to the industry.

Dr. Mark Knight, Associate Professor, Director of Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT), University of Waterloo

An Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as well as the Executive Director of the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) at the University of Waterloo.  Over 25 years of experience in the buried infrastructure asset management and has been addressing the critical issues facing underground infrastructure installation, assessment, repair and renewal, including management, by providing research, education and technology transfer courses.  Professor Knight is the co-developer of many decision-support tools that have been implemented in the industry including but not limited to BoreAid, PPI- BoreAid, PPI-PACE, CIPP CALC and a Financially Sustainable Water Infrastructure Asset Management Tool using System Dynamics.      A number of his contributions are:     • Pioneered in conducting regular asset management workshops and training sessions since 2004 through CATT and in collaboration with Ontario Good Road Association (OGRA) since 2013.  • Helped in creation of CNAM in 2007, and partnered in several asset management research developments and initiatives in Canada, USA, UK and Australia.   • Supervised more than 20 graduate students whose researches were in the area of buried infrastructure asset management and rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure systems.  • Development and implementation of a novel strategic asset management tool in partnership with several municipalities and water utilities in Southern Ontario.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Asset Management Awards! The quality of presentations at the Annual Conference continue to excel and we call upon the presenters to submit to these great projects and efforts for consideration for the Asset Management Awards. Submission dates are February 1st to March 31st of each year and are also announced through the CNAM website.