2021 Tereo Awards

The Canadian Network of Asset Managers is pleased to announce that the Annual CNAM Tereo Asset Management Awards to recognize Asset Management in Canada are back!

Submissions for the Tereo Awards are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Winners will be announced at the 2021 CNAM Virtual Conference taking place from May 10 – 13.



1. Tereo Award
Is your organization successfully developing and implementing asset management approaches to effect business improvement? If so, we want to here your story and encourage you to submit an entry into the annual CNAM Tereo Asset Management Award.
2. Ambassador Award
Is there an individual or organization whose efforts reflect a commitment above and beyond the accepted expectation of the asset management industry in Canada? IIf so, we want to here your story and encourage you to nominate the individual or organization for the inaugural CNAM Asset Management Ambassador Award.

3. Pioneer Award
Is there an individual who has played an integral role in advancing the asset management industry in Canada? If so, we want to here your story and encourage you to nominate the individual for the annual CNAM Pioneer Award.


Entry Rules

  1. The Award will be administered by the CNAM Awards Committee, a subcommittee of the CNAM Board of Directors.
  2. The Awards Committee shall consider all applications properly made and material submitted with or in support of the application.
  3. Material submitted with or in support of any application shall be received on the condition that:
    3.1 CNAM shall not return such material or any portion thereof to the applicant.
    3.2 CNAM may make such disclosure of the names of applicants and brief summary of the details disclosed in such material (unless the applicant specifically requests for this not to be done) as CNAM considers appropriate.
    3.3 In the case of the award-winning applicant, CNAM may utilize photos, award videos and additional information as it deems appropriate (e.g. for news releases, advertisements, website, awards ceremony etc.).
    3.4 No claim shall be made and no action shall be brought against CNAM, its Directors, Officers or members of the Awards Committee arising out of the use made of such material or of any such disclosure.
  4. The applicant warrants that disclosure of material submitted with, or in support of, his/her application does not breach the terms of any contract of employment or any contract, and that he/she is entitled to make use of the material.
  5. At the discretion of the Awards Committee, applications made in any year may be carried forward to following years. The applicant shall be notified if this occurs.
  6. The decision of the Awards Committee is final. If in the opinion of the Awards Committee there are no applications considered suitable during a given year, no Award shall be given.
  7. Each application must sign the prescribed Application Form, which will constitute his/her agreement to be bound by the Rules of the Awards.



  • Applications may be sent to outside experts for assessment.
  • While the evaluators are asked to keep their findings in confidence, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE CONFIDENTIALITY. Therefore, if this is of concern to you, please wait until specific tools or techniques are protected by a patent before entering the awards program.


For questions please contact:

Jennifer Duncan, Awards Chair