Professional Development

The Canadian Network of Asset Managers embraces three key strategic pillars, Leadership, Innovation, and Collaboration. Part of CNAM’s success is enabling Asset Managers throughout Canada to develop their skills, ability and professional network. These are a few of the initiatives CNAM currently offers to help achieve that objective:

  • An Annual Conference where international experts and Canadian asset management leaders network and share best practices.
  • Volunteer opportunities both through elected positions on the CNAM board of directors and through participation on CNAM committees, the annual Conference, and other various opportunities including local workshops and national asset management related activities.
  • Partnerships with other like-minded organizations to deliver additional professional development opportunities to CNAM members.
  • The Tereo award program that recognizes excellence in developing and implementing asset management approaches and significant improvements in business performance through the use of asset management tools and techniques or approaches.
  • An Online forum via LinkedIn where members from across Canada can share information throughout the year.
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge through mentorship between small and large municipalities across the country.