New to AM?

Are you and your community new to Infrastructure Asset Management?  Not sure what it is or how to get started? We can help!

Communities are being challenged to make the best possible decisions with scarce resources for both today’s users and future generations. Planning for infrastructure renewals, growth, and new demands amidst increasing service expectations, risk exposure, and financial challenges can put elected officials and community staff in a difficult position. Asset management (AM) can help.

CNAM has developed several resources to support people who are new to infrastructure asset management, with materials being developed in both English and French, that target communities who are new to asset management and are starting their journey. These resources will provide users with;

  • an understanding of what is Infrastructure Asset Management,
  • an understanding of the benefits to them and their organization,
  • an awareness of industry recognized good practice for municipalities,
  • an awareness of resources that exist to support you make progress,
  • an understanding of some practical steps on how to move forward and get started.

Many of these resources are currently focused on municipal / community / local government asset owners however all asset owners will find large parts of the content useful, for other resources please visit

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CNAM’s AM101 Booklet

CNAM has developed an Asset Management 101 Booklet, with the What, Why, and How on infrastructure asset management for your community Infrastructure Asset Management.

To support the cost of the print run and shipping we are charging for printed copies, with members receiving a significant discount and bulk options available to support your communications efforts in your organization, order yours today before they disappear!

Electronic PDFs in English and French, as well as printed copies in English and French are available: click here to download/order.


CNAM’s Annual Conference

CNAM hosts an annual conference each May that is the leading Canadian knowledge sharing and networking event for infrastructure asset managers. Local, national and international speakers provide valuable perspectives and best practices in the infrastructure asset management industry. As a newcomer to the industry, it’s a great place to learn the basics and start to build your network. May 11-14 2020 will see the conference being hosted in St. John’s, NL, click here for details.

Asset Management Awareness Workshops across Canada

CNAM are running Infrastructure Asset Management Awareness Workshops across Canada.

The sessions are appropriate for Elected Officials and Municipal / Organization Staff of all levels who will leave the workshops with:

  • a better understanding of what asset management is,
  • why it should be undertaken and the benefits to your community,
  • what it entails and how to begin implementation with some tangible steps.

They are relevant for all communities and municipalities, regardless of your size and location, or whether or not you have made any progress with asset management to date.  The face-to-face session will enable participants to connect with peers, network with other municipalities who practice asset management at varying levels, and provide a safe environment conducive to knowledge sharing and collaborating.   We have several options for training workshops that you can explore:

CNAM’s AM Virtual Classroom

Due to demand for CNAM’s 1-day AM Awareness Workshop we are taking the session online!  These sessions will be delivered virtually in an online classroom to allow people to attend the course without having to travel.   You will be posted a hard copy of the learning materials in advance of the sessions, and to make the session as interactive as possible attendees will be encouraged to use their webcams and take part in discussions just as if it was a face to face session.  It’s the same content as the 1-day in-person session, just split into 2-half day modules. Click here for more information.

Hosting the Workshop at your organization (virtually or in person)

In addition to CNAM’s public dates for the AM Awareness Workshop, we are pleased to provide this workshop as an on-demand learning opportunity.  Are you interested in hosting the workshop for your staff or association?  You can utilize your own inhouse printing facility and catering to reduce costs. Click here for the hosting package, and please contact us at to open discussions.

Collaborations with other Associations and Agencies

CNAM welcomes the opportunity to run the 1-day workshop with other associations and agencies who are looking to provide learning and education events for their members to learn more about infrastructure asset management.  Click here for the hosting package, and please contact us at to open discussions.



“I attended CNAM’s 1-day AM Awareness Workshop and found it to be informative, educational and extremely helpful.”  


Introduction to Asset Management Recorded Webinars

CNAM has developed webinars to provide listeners with a presentation of some of the key content noted above to help build their awareness of asset management, as well as featuring a live Question & Answers segment at each webinar.

Interested in the webinar recordings?  Click here to access

Other Resources

We are working with several other partners across Canada to develop a suite of different resources for you and your communities.  More information will be shared through this website as they are developed. Please visit for more information.

Thanks to our funding partners


This initiative is offered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and funded by the Government of Canada.

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