Asset Management Competency Framework Order

CNAM has developed the Asset Management Competency Framework for Canadian Communities – describing the 12 AM Competencies and proving a guideline for how to implement a competency management program for your organization based on the AMCF.

This 68-page document covers:

  • An introduction to competency management
  • A description of the AM Competency Management Framework, including:
    • The AM Competency Categories
    • The 12 AM Competencies
    • The AM Functional Areas and AM Roles
    • Standard proficiency levels for the AM Competencies
  • A guide to implementing the AMCF in your organization, including:
    • The 5 steps of the competency management program implementation process
    • Descriptions and examples of competency management program activities, including:
        • Learning & development activities
        • Recruiting & selection activities
        • Performance communication activities
        • Succession & workforce planning activities


The PDF version of this product is available for FREE to everyone. You can also download a copy of the webinar introduction to the AMCF