During the 2020 Virtual Conference and AGM, CNAM members elected members to the board. Please feel free to contact us – we welcome your questions and suggestions.

CNAM Executive

Matt Dawe

Matt Dawe, Chair


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    Matthew Dawe is the Vice President of PSD – Research, Consulting, Software. In this role he oversees each of the 3 practice areas within the organization: Research, Consulting, and Software. This includes the development and implementation of asset management strategic roadmaps, asset management plans, best practice research studies and technical software implementations. He is also responsible for the continual development and enhancement of both our Enterprise Asset Management and Enterprise Budgeting Solutions.

    He has been with PSD for 15 years with a primary focus on local government. This has provided him with the opportunity to work closely with industry leaders and develop a comprehensive understanding of the services that municipal governments deliver. He has been a speaker at several industry conferences including: GFOA International, MFOA, Canadian Water Network, and IAM. In 2016 he successfully completed the IAM certification from the Institute of Asset Management.

Katie Geoghegan

Katie Geoghegan, Vice Chair

Associated Engineering

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    Katie Geoghegan is an Asset Management Specialist at Associated Engineering. She brings over nine years of experience implementing asset management and business transformation initiatives in the municipal, provincial and energy sectors including as a consultant, public and private sector practitioner. Currently based in Vancouver, Katie has lived and worked in the Ottawa, Calgary, Regina, Edmonton, and Vancouver regions.

Russell Crook

Russell Crook, Secretary-Treasurer

Independent AM Practioner

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    Russell Crook has a diverse background in municipal operations over thirteen years at the County of Wetaskiwin in Alberta, initially in Public Works (roads) Department, then as the Director of Environmental Services (planning and development, water, wastewater and solid waste). More recently he has worked at the City of Red Deer, in Land and Economic Development and, since 2008 has been managing the Enterprise Asset Management Program

    Russell holds a Master of in Business Administration degree from Athabasca University (2010). His academic, and professional, interests are in demonstrating value to taxpayers from enterprise asset management programs.

    Russell is a member of the CNAM Board of Directors and Chair of the Alberta network known as Infrastructure Asset Management Alberta. Russell is also a senior member of the International Right of Way Association and serves on its International Asset Management Committee.

Valerie Williams

Valerie Williams, Past Chair

Halifax Water

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    Valerie is the Manager, Asset Management at Halifax Water and leads a team of technical and professional staff responsible for implementing the asset management program, developing the annual and five-year capital budgets, and overseeing the long term infrastructure planning and modeling programs. Program responsibilities include managing the sewer inspection and corporate flow monitoring programs.  Val is a graduate of the University of Guelph in Water Resources Engineering.  She has more than 25 years’ experience in municipal engineering and asset management.  Valerie is on the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) Board as the Director (East: NS, N&L, NB, PEI) and supports the local community of practice (AIM Network) and sharing her experience through participation on asset management committees, working groups, and conferences.

CNAM Directors

Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan, Director (East: NS, NL, NB, PEI)

Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing

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    Jennifer Duncan is currently the Asset Management Program lead for the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Through this role she has gained direct experience with both program and project related aspects of asset management.
    Her program responsibilities have included the development and implementation of the Province’s Asset Management Program including benefits management, program governance and stakeholder engagement. Her project management responsibilities have focused on project administration and delivery. Jennifer is also the current chair of the Nova Scotia Infrastructure Asset Management Working Group (IAMNS), comprised of multi-disciplinary municipal clients and the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities.

Justine Baudart

Justine Baudart, Director (Quebec)

City of Bromont

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    Justine Baudart is asset manager at the City of Bromont which is involved in the Leadership in Asset Management Program of the FCM.

    Originally from France, she graduated in geography and urban planning. She worked for Bordeaux Metropole as an urban planner on an urban renewal of a former industrial district, Les Bassins à flot, among other projects.

    Wishing to specialize in public asset management, she completed in 2016 a master’s degree in asset management at École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal, Quebec.

Leanne Brannigan

Leanne Brannigan, Director (Ontario)

Region of Peel

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    Leanne Brannigan is the Manager of Corporate Asset Management at the Region of Peel and has been foundational in the development of Peel’s unique Corporate Asset Management Strategy incorporating Council endorsed levels of service, lifecycles and risk to set organizational priorities and inform the overall budgets and capital plan. She has been key in establishing the internal relationships necessary for rolling the program out across all of Peel’s diverse Services ranging from Water Linear infrastructure through to Social Housing and everything in between. She leads a team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals with specialized asset management and financial expertise.

Loretta Gette, P.Eng.

Loretta Gette, P.Eng., Director (Prairie)

City of Regina

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    Loretta Gette is a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in municipal infrastructure management, planning, design and construction. She has played an integral role in initiating and advancing Regina`s Water & Sewer Utility along its asset management journey. Currently, Loretta is leading the development and implementation of policies, strategies and practices to continuously improve the Utility asset management program for water, wastewater and drainage services at the City of Regina. Her team is also responsible for developing Utility asset management plans and leading the short and long-term investment planning process to support decision making for sustainable service delivery.

    Loretta is a Director on the CNAM Board and a member of the steering committee for Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK). She has made several presentations to asset management and water industry conferences and workshops. Loretta holds a BASc in Regional Environmental Systems Engineering from the University of Regina.

Jude Pillainayagam

Jude Pillainayagam, Director (West: BC, Alberta)

City of Coquitlam

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Sudhir Kumar

Sudhir Kumar, Director (Territories)

MACA, GNWT, North Slave Region

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    As Manager, Community Infrastructure Planning for Municipal and Community Affairs – GNWT, Sudhir is responsible for supporting community government in planning, development, implementation and management of community public infrastructure. He has introduced several new initiatives in community infrastructure asset management and also introduced a solar farm as an alternative energy initiative.

    Sudhir has worked as a civil engineer in Canada`s North for the past 10 years. He managed many engineering projects from conception to final completion in Nunavut, Kitikmeot Region when working with Community and Government Services, Government of Nunavut.

    He is also a tireless community volunteer. He received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his outstanding contribution to Canada, promoting interests ranging from child care to new immigrants.

    In addition to his M.Eng. (Civil) from Concordia University, Sudhir has diplomas in arbitration, construction estimating and software technology, and has completed risk management and business analysis courses.  He is currently 2nd Vice President, NAPEG, a Director of CIQS – Prairies and NWT and a member of  APEGA, PEO and the Canadian regulatory agency on plumbing. He also serves on a number of other related boards and organizations.

Chris Klos, P.Eng, PMP

Chris Klos, P.Eng, PMP, Director at Large

City of Winnipeg

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    Responsible for managing strategic direction through effective leadership and collaborative integration of asset management best practices. Drive sustainable investment decisions in infrastructure by developing robust asset management plans and well defined performance metrics to ensure consistent delivery of customer levels of service while reducing risk and minimizing asset lifecycle costs.

    Enhance employee knowledge and corporate maturity in asset management by initiating internal training programs focused on investment planning and project management. Create a continuous improvement culture that promotes on-going process development and the optimization of corporate procedures that provide guidance on the efficient allocation of resources and capital project prioritization.

    Chris is a registered Professional Engineer in Manitoba with a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. He has over 15 years of private industry experience, functioning as a Project and Facilities Engineer responsible for implementing and managing large scale capital projects, production line enhancements and facility infrastructure. The balance of his career has been dedicated to working in the public sector for the Province of Manitoba within the Asset Management branch of Manitoba Housing and Community Development and more recently the City of Winnipeg, focusing on data analysis, benefit realization and developing a quality management plan to maintain the integrity of our Asset Management Program.

Tonya Knopp

Tonya Knopp, Director, (Director at Large)

City of St. John’s

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    Tonya Knopp is the Manager of Facility Engineering with the City of St. John’s. She is a Professional Engineer with over 16 years of experience in managing complex municipal projects ranging from linear infrastructure, treatment plants, operations facilities and general building construction. She has obtained a Bachelor of Engineering from Dalhousie University, a Master’s Certification in Project Management from York University, a Master’s in International Construction Management from the University of Bath and is currently completing a PhD in Engineering from the University of Bath with a focus on Climate Resilience of Municipal Assets. She also has a Lean Greenbelt in Continuous Improvement.

Darla Campbell, P.Eng., CSR-P

Darla Campbell, P.Eng., CSR-P, Director (Non-Public)

Dillon Consulting

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    Darla Campbell is the Sustainability and Asset Management lead with Dillon Consulting Limited.  She draws from her previous role with the Ontario Clean Water Agency on operational efficiencies and capital planning.  In 2018 she designed and delivered asset management training to 145 participants from 60 municipalities.   She has led workshops with municipal clients on levels of service and risk considering climate change vulnerability.  Darla has project managed the delivery of asset management plans that align with the new regulation in Ontario.  She holds the certificate in asset management from the Institute of Asset Management.  Darla is a certified sustainability (CSR) practitioner from the Chartered Management Institute.

    A speaker at many events, Darla participated in FCM’s AM Collaboration 2018 workshop as a panelist on lifecycle.  She has served on boards, both corporate and not-for-profit, including experience with national organizations. From 2012 to 2017 Darla was the executive director of the Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (OCSI). She served on the expert technical panel to the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure on the development of the asset management regulation for municipalities. She was the chair of the Strategy, Policy and Innovation committee for the CNE Association and serves on the boards of Rethink Sustainability Initiatives and Waterlution.

Barry Kelly

Barry Kelly, Director (Non-Public)


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    Barry has over 30 years of experience in both the CAD and GIS disciplines. During his career, he has worked in various aspects including design, teaching and consulting with the CAD and GIS technologies. Prior to joining Esri Canada, Barry was an independent consultant to various private and public organizations across North America. He also worked as an Applications Engineer and Account Manager with Autodesk Canada for 7.5 years, and taught GIS and CAD at Humber and Seneca Colleges. He is on the Executive of the Ontario Public Works Association as the Branch Liaison.

Bernadette O'Connor

Bernadette O'Connor, Director (Non-Public)


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    Bernadette O’Connor leads WSP’s municipal asset management (AM) services and has been a leader in the AM community in Canada for many years.  She has been managing infrastructure for over 43 yeas and started her career in New Zealand during the formative years of evolving AM best practice.  She worked as an asset manager for multiple municipalities before joining WSP and emigrating to Canada.  She is a mentor to many of our staff, a principal consultant within the WSP team and helps many clients across the country advance their asset management capabilities.  She has a true passion for asset management.

Duane Nicol

Duane Nicol, Director (Municipalities Under or Around 100,000)

City of Selkirk

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    Duane Nicol is the Chief Administrative Officer (City Manager) for the City of Selkirk (10,278 pop.) Beginning in 2014, he led the establishment of Selkirk’s AM program, wrote our asset management strategy, program framework, and bylaw. Duane now participates on the City of Selkirk’s AM team and guides the program’s ongoing development. Reporting to council, He is accountable for all aspects of the city’s operations. This includes the integration of asset management into all city service delivery, business planning systems and innovative initiatives such as our Tereo Award winning Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Thomas Northardt

Thomas Northardt, First Nations Rep

Assembly of First Nations

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Todd Latham

Todd Latham, (Communications & Marketing) Non-voting Member

Actual Media

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    Todd is a media entrepreneur with twenty-six years of experience in business publishing, marketing and communications. He is Founder and President of Actual Media Inc. a specialized Canadian publishing and creative agency that produces ReNew Canada – the infrastructure magazine, the Top100 Infrastructure Projects report and Water Canada – the complete water magazine.

    Todd is a cross-industry participant, advisor and communicator with broad practical knowledge and an extensive network in the global environment, infrastructure and water sectors. He is also President of Blue Events Inc. (organizer of the Canadian Water Summit series) and serves on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) and the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM). He is co-founder of the Canadian Brownfields Network, a senior associate of the Canadian Urban Institute and an award-winning member of the University of Toronto Environmental Finance Committee. He is a trusted advisor and consultant to companies and institutions for his media brand experience, editorial direction, communications planning and marketing execution. He is a leader who inspires, motivates and exudes optimism with an instinct for creative communications, connectivity and common sense. He is an articulate, engaging public speaker and opinionated editorial writer. In March 2011 he travelled to Antarctica with Sir Robert Swan and became an alumnus of 2041 – an international group committed the renewable energy and the preservation of the continent. He is married with two daughters and lives in Toronto.

Michael Benson

Michael Benson, Director (Non-Voting)

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA)

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