About Us

What is CNAM?

CNAM is the association of public infrastructure asset management in Canada.  Our government and private sector members develop policy, tools and technologies which improve the level of service for public infrastructure assets in every province and territory. CNAM shares that knowledge with other members and stakeholders through our CNAMpedia online resource, the annual conference and various committees and events.

  • Initially established by municipalities, for municipalities
  • Current focus expanded to all public infrastructure asset management
  • Not-for-profit organization since 2009

Asset Management Defined

Municipal infrastructure is the foundation for a healthy and vibrant city. Many municipalities define assets to include all physical infrastructure that is necessary to support the social, economic and environmental services provided by the corporation. These asset types include, but are not solely limited to, tangible assets such as buildings, engineering structures, roads, parks, transit, IT networks, water and wastewater systems and intangible assets such as land, software, data and intellectual property.

Municipal Infrastructure Asset Management (MIAM) means the practices, principles and theories in the management of municipal infrastructure assets. While the practice includes the professional areas of risk, finance, engineering, economics and information management, Asset Management practitioners are business strategists who consider themselves “generalists” in each of these specialties and not specialists in any single one.

CNAM Founding Municipalities

City of Burnaby

City of Calgary

City of Edmonton

City of Hamilton

City of Montreal

City of Ottawa

Halifax Regional Municipality